Have You Heard About… Hello Goodbye Hello

… when Rudyard Kipling met Mark Twain? In Hello Goodbye Hello, Craig Brown shares brief accounts of meetings between two famous or historically-important people. Each entry is just a few pages long and focuses on a place and time when these people came together, although many of the stories also cover the history and earlier or later interactions between them.

Hello Goodbye HelloMore than a collection of anecdotes, this book is actually a great loop of interconnectedness. Rudyard Kipling meets Mark Twain in one account, while the next features Mark Twain and Helen Keller. The following story covers Helen Keller and Martha Graham, then Martha Graham and Madonna, Madonna and Michael Jackson, and so on. The book loops through 101 meetings across many decades and covers a wide variety of politicians, authors, actors, artists, royalty, and musicians. It is a fascinating look at snippets of history and events in the lives of people who changed the world.


Reviewed by Fran (staff)