Have You Heard About… Grace among Thieves

… the historical Marshfield Manor, in North Carolina? It’s just been robbed. In Julie Hyzy’s Grace among Thieves*, Grace Wheaten, the curator and manager of Marshfield Manor, has discovered that several very valuable items in the manor are missing. A film crew is making a DVD of the property to showcase all of it beautiful antiquities. Is one of the film crew responsible for the thefts, or could it be one of the hundreds of daily visitors that come to see the magnificent estate?

Grace Among ThievesGrace has her hands full trying to run the estate and maintain its integrity. Suddenly one of the visitors is murdered. The police warn Grace to steer clear and let them do their job, but Grace has other ideas and is determined to find the killer and find the missing precious items. This is book three in the series. While enough backstory is given, you really need to read to first two books so as not to miss all of the characters who work at the mansion and what their jobs are and how they help or hinder Grace.

* Earlier books in the series include Grace under Pressure and Grace Interrupted.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)