Have You Heard About… Gone Girl

… the book that made marriage terrifying?  Gillian Flynn’s bestselling thriller, Gone Girl, tells the story of Nick and Amy, a middle-aged husband and wife who are about to celebrate their fifth anniversary.  On the outside, Nick is a handsome Husband-of-the-Year, and Amy is a doting wife with a perfectionist streak.  But then, on the day of their anniversary, Amy goes missing.  The police suspect that she’s been murdered and they’re keeping a close eye on Nick.  Nick is evasive and noticeably bitter, but he swears he is innocent.  But if Nick didn’t hurt Amy, then who did?  And where is she now?

Gone GirlIn this spectacularly written novel, Gillian Flynn paints an ugly portrait of a marriage gone horribly, horribly wrong.  The first half is a well-plotted, suspenseful mystery that takes the reader through a twisted maze of lies and deceit, but the second half will take your breath away with its ferocity and its demonically dark plot twists.

What Gillian Flynn has accomplished here is not so much that she convincingly shows us the worst side of human nature, but that she makes us enjoy every minute of it.  I was manipulated, lied to, and deceived from the first page, and I simply can’t wait to read it again!


Reviewed by Katie (staff)