Have You Heard About… Frog Trouble

… the dangers of amphibians? Sandra Boynton adds to her collection of silly CDs with Frog Trouble. The back of the case says, “Boynton Country Music,” and you know you’re off to a good start when the first two songs are about dogs and trucks. However, in addition to both country and western tunes, this album has folk, rock, honky-tonk, and more.

CD-Frog-TroubleSandra Boynton has a knack for writing both books and songs that are great for kids while still appealing to adults. I checked out this CD to decide whether to get it for my oldest niece, but I listened to it several times on my own. Many of the songs are energetic and silly, but several are slow and sweet. It’s a great album for singing along in the car, whether you prefer flying pigs, strolling alligators, or just … Frog Trouble.

Reviewed by Fran (staff)