Have You Heard About… Everybody Sleeps

… Fred’s to-do list? Who has time for sleep? While all of the animals, monsters, and other children snooze away, the title character of Everybody Sleeps (but not Fred) is too busy jumping, shouting, and more. Whether they’re in Fred’s room, the jungle, underwater, or an ant cafe, all the other characters in this great picture book just want to rest. Unfortunately, that’s hard to do when a certain someone is testing his horn collection and hunting for Sasquatch.

Everybody-SleepsThe colorful art by Josh Schneider perfectly matches his light-hearted text. Little jokes in the background will help liven up re-reading this great bedtime book. Some are obviously aimed at adults, too. (I didn’t notice the Spinal Tap reference until the second or third time through.) This is a fun book that will help keep kids and parents entertained when they’re stuck on the S. S. Insomnia.

Reviewed by Fran (staff)