Have You Heard About… Discoveries … America. Indiana

… the familiar and not so familiar places in the state of Indiana? In the Discoveries … America. Indiana DVD you will learn about some interesting places and fun facts of this neighboring state. Indianapolis is the crossroads of America. Did you know that the state of Indiana is the largest popcorn growing producer in America? In the northern part of the state is where the third-largest Amish population lives. A lot of the Amish work in the RV and motor home factories, and you guessed it, Indiana makes the most RVs and motor homes in America. There is even a museum of these wonderful homes on wheels that you won’t want to miss if you decide to visit.

DiscoveriesThe Indiana Dunes and Shipshewana, and of course the “Brickyard,” home of the Indy 500 auto race are the most popular, but you won’t want to miss the Tell City pretzel factory or the powered parachutes either. How about a visit to the Mid America Windmills or the Corner Prairie Living History Museum where you can become part of the daily life of the past? If that isn’t incentive enough to visit, consider the Tri-State Memorial Bluegrass Festival. This is not just good music but wonderful food and crafts too.

The Discoveries …America series is 51 DVDs, each about one hour long, of all of the states (plus Washington, DC) and the famous and not-so-famous things to see and do in each state. They will give you lots of things to learn or ideas to incorporate into your next vacation.