Have You Heard About… Desolate Angel

… the ghost who has to fix the mistakes he made in life?  It may sound familiar, but Desolate Angel* by Chaz McGee puts a different spin on it.  Kevin Fahey was a crummy husband and father and only a mediocre detective, who was more often drunk than sober on the job, when he was killed in a drug bust. He’s stuck in a type of limbo, as a ghost, who has realized that if he can help his replacement, Maggie Gunn, solve some of the cases he screwed up on, he might finally see his final light. He can’t “talk” to Maggie, only guide her in the pursuit of justice, sort of like a very silent partner.  In this case, he realizes that he sent the wrong man to prison. He tries to guide Maggie and his former partner in the direction to “make it right.”

Desolate AngelI wasn’t real sure that I’d enjoy a more serious type mystery, but as the mystery slowly unfolds, I found that I couldn’t put the book down and stayed up most of the night reading.

* The second book in the series is Angel Interrupted.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)