Have You Heard About… Darth Vader’s children

… the best father in a galaxy far, far away? Jeffrey Brown shows what a great father Darth Vader could have been in two great books of cartoons.

In Darth Vader and Son, the big guy is joined by young Luke. The two play together, go shopping (“This isn’t the toy you’re looking for…”), have Force-powered tickle fights, and bond like other fathers and sons. There are some awkward points, like when Luke interrupts his father during important meetings with the Emperor or plays in the trash compactor, but Vader is a good father, and the two obviously love each other very much.

Leia is the focus of Vader’s Little Princess. For many of the cartoons, she is a teenager, with the typical problems of clothes, school, and dating. Darth Vader teaches her to drive, disapproves of her friends, and puts up with her moods. Despite rebelling against her father’s authority and dating Han Solo, Leia obviously loves her dad.

Reviewed by Fran (staff)