Have You Heard About… Dad is Fat

… why it’s a bad idea to raise five kids in a New York City apartment? Dad is Fat, by Jim Gaffigan, is pretty much what we expect when we read something written by a comedian – short, humorous vignettes about a certain topic that could very likely have been pulled from the person’s stand-up routine…or in Gaffigan’s case, actually HAVE been pulled from his routine. But this doesn’t work against the book, mainly because I really, really like Jim Gaffigan!

Dad-is-FatI had to read this book in short segments, because his stories of trying to get his five wriggling children out the door with all of their clothes on made ME exhausted, and I don’t even have kids. If his main intent was to accurately convey his trials and tribulations as a parent, he succeeded ten times over. (For example, answering unanswerable questions, like “Why are you a stand-up chameleon?” or “Why don’t dogs get the chicken pops?”)

And occasionally, he does break form and talk about something serious and relevant, like the tendency of strangers to ask insensitive questions about the number of children a couple may or may not have. “I don’t mean to get up on a diaper box,” he says, “but individual liberties are all-important in this country…except when it comes to the number of children you have or don’t have.” A refreshing change of pace. But lest you worry that fatherhood is making him serious, Jim goes right back to comedy. “I say we just live and let live. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave enough to have five kids.” Point taken. But I don’t plan on having five children anytime soon.

Reviewed by Katie (staff)