Have You Heard About… Comic Genius

… the art of funny people? Not their comedy — their looks. Matt Hoyle took portraits of more than eighty different comedians to make Comic Genius. Some are very simple pictures, like Eddie Murphy giving the camera a sideways look. Others are subtly humorous, such as the cover photo of Steve Martin or David Steinberg’s toast tie. Still others are frankly bizarre. I can’t really describe Carol Burnett’s picture; you just have to see it.

Comic-GeniusThe book has a nice blend of classic comedians and new-comers. A few of them are quoted briefly, and short biographies of everyone are included at the end. However, for the most part, this book is simply a collection of portraits. It works well as both an art book and a collection of comedians, reminding us of all the times they have made us smile. I doubt you can get through the whole book without at least one of them succeeding again!

Reviewed by Fran (staff)