Have You Heard About… Cold Copper

… the Western territories, filled with glim pirates, curses, and odd devisers? Devon Monk combines fantasy, steampunk, horror, and western in Cold Copper, third in the Age of Steam series*. The search for the pieces of the deadly Holder continues, but foul weather and old promises combine to drag the crew into a city where children are going missing and the mayor is more than he seems. Even the horrific Strange are in danger here.

Cold-CopperThis book can be read alone, but the first two books will help you understand the backstories and connections between the characters. However, all of the characters have complex backgrounds that are revealed slowly throughout the series, so you may not miss as much as you think. This is a fascinating, convoluted series with a number of plots running at once. The horror and adventure are nicely balanced with world building and dry humor. If you like books that keep you guessing, dive into the Age of Steam series!

* The previous books in this series are Dead Iron and Tin Swift.

Reviewed by Fran (staff)