Have You Heard About… Chopsticks

… the best friends who do everything together? In Amy Crouse Rosenthal and Scott Magoon’s Chopsticks, the title characters are best friends. They do everything together – swim in the sink, balance with peas, even practice their martial arts moves against the asparagus! One day, one of them gets hurt. The uninjured one is reluctant to go out on his own, but he learns to try new things. When the hurt chopstick is all better, they have lots of new activities to try together.

ChopsticksThis cute picture book would be a great choice for best friends who are forced to spend some time apart. It’s filled with characters from the kitchen and medicine chest.  A combination of text and visual puns keep things lighthearted (when injured, “Chopstick was quickly whisked away,” by a whisk with a red cross painted on its handle), and the story’s moral is obvious without being forced.


Reviewed by Fran (staff)