Have You Heard About… Castle Hangnail

… the evil castle that needed a new Master or Mistress? Castle Hangnail has fallen on hard times, and it needs a proper Evil Wizard, Wicked Witch, or Necromancer to take over. Even a Mad Scientist would do! The suit of armor is having trouble getting around due to the rust in its knees, dandelions are growing in the blasted moor, and the Board of Magic … well, it’s better not to talk about that. However, the new Mistress is not exactly what the inhabitants expect.

Castle-HangnailMolly is a bit younger than the previous Masters and Mistresses of Castle Hangnail, and to be honest, she’s more spunky and determined than wicked. On the other hand, the castle and all its inhabitants have been there a long time. They’re somewhat set in their ways and have a number of eccentricities. However, a Wicked Witch with a kind heart might need an aging not-actually-hunchbacked guardian, a neurotic talking goldfish, a minotaur cook, and all the others just as much as they need her.

If you’re tired of waiting for your letter from magic school, Ursula Vernon will show you how to fake it ‘til you make it as a Wicked Witch!

Reviewed by Fran (staff)