Have You Heard About… Broken Monsters

… the evil forces lurking in the urban ruins of modern-day Detroit? Lauren Beukes (who wrote 2012’s genre-bending serial killer novel, The Shining Girls) is back with Broken Monsters, a genre-bending horror novel that opens with the discovery of a twelve year old boy’s torso fused together with the body of a deer. The Detroit Police soon learn that these bizarre creations are the work of a human being, but the forces that control him are a different matter entirely.

Broken-MonstersWhile The Shining Girls felt more like an eclectic blend of different genres and storytelling devices, Broken Monsters felt more focused: part crime thriller, part mind-warping horror. And the two blend so seamlessly that it’s hard to tell where the real world ends and the fantastical begins. Beukes also includes lots of disturbing imagery and nuanced social commentary set against the derelict and haunted backdrop of modern Detroit. A bizarre and freakish addition to the horror canon…. I can’t wait to see what she writes next!

Reviewed by Katie (staff)