Have You Heard About… Bloodsucking Fiends

… the vampires in San Francisco? Christopher Moore’s Bloodsucking Fiends* is a wonderfully funny story filled with odd characters and bizarre situations. Jody Stroud didn’t believe in vampires until she woke up under a dumpster, burned by sunlight and craving blood. C. Thomas (Tommy) Flood is a would-be writer from Indiana who works nights at a Safeway. Somehow, they not only meet and bond, but manage to fall in love and save San Francisco. They’re helped (mostly) by Emperor Norton and Tommy’s crazy co-workers.

Bloodsucking FiendsThis bizarre urban fantasy is packed with slap-stick and scatological humor, as well as insane situations that somehow make sense at the time. It manages to be believable partly because it seems too strange not to be true and partly because Christopher Moore does such a wonderful job of mixing the weirdly true with the truly weird. If you can believe in stoner night-shift stock boys bowling with frozen turkeys and a homeless man who thinks he is the Emperor of San Francisco, are vampires really that much harder?

* The later books in the series are You Suck and Bite Me.


Reviewed by Fran (staff)