Have You Heard About… Barrage

… a traveling band of gypsies? Treat yourself to the musical DVD Barrage, Vagabond Tales. Through music, you will learn about a group of traveling gypsies who gather in their ancestral land to decide who gets leadership of the tribe. This is a twelve-person ensemble of mostly violins and fiddles and lots of hijinks. The narrator tells the story as these extremely talented musicians play their music and dance and sing a little bit.

BarrageA little bit of country, folk, bluegrass, jazz and pop songs are preformed as the story unfolds. They make it look so easy. In the bonus features, it tells how this incredible group came together, and how they manage to combine all of this talent and the gypsy tale into something wondrous. Some of the songs include Birdland, Eleanor Rigby, Tico Tico and Sweet Georgia Brown.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)