Have You Heard About… Bag It

… the effects plastic has on our lives?  As part of Earth Week 2013, staff members from Waukegan Public Library watched the movie Bag It, a documentary that highlights the ecological harms of single-use plastic, such as the plastic grocery bag. After watching the movie, staff members combined their thoughts into a group review.

Bag ItRating: On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest, the movie was rated a 5.

How the movie was perceived:

  • The movie was very good; it was super informative and clever at the same time
  • It was funny, insightful, and gave me an idea of the problem worldwide
  • I was very impressed by it
  • I heard great things about it and I found it both entertaining and informative
  • I even made my son watch it

Things learned from the movie:

  • Europe pays for people to recycle plastic
  • Many countries are banning plastic bags entirely
  • There are many negative effects on the human body (including cancer) from the chemicals (BPA’s) found in plastics
  • A lot of petrol (a non-renewable resource) is used to make a single plastic bottle
  • Plastic bags can and should be banned
  • An insane number of plastic bags are produced every day
  • Many cans have plastic linings
  • Plastic bottles even pollute our oceans

Actions taken after watching this movie:

  • Lowering my whole family’s consumption of plastic items
  • Trying to reduce the amount of plastic that I am using, especially with plastic one-use bottles
  • Remembering to take my green bags into Woodman’s instead of using their plastic or paper bags
  • Taking frozen-dinners out of the plastic before microwaving them when I can (my first test was very successful!)
  • I’m looking for reusable sandwich bags to replace the plastic ones I use for lunch

Bag It is a movie not to be missed.  Check it out!


Reviewed by Staff