Have You Heard About… Awkward

… the fight between the art club and the science club? Penelope likes to draw, so she joined the art club when her family moved to town and she started classes at Berrybrook Middle School. However, she starts to get trapped in the middle of the club rivalry when she makes friends with the science nerd assigned to tutor her. Tensions rise as the two groups compete for a table at the school’s club fair. Kids (and adults) on both sides make bad decisions, causing more and more disruptions for the school. Can they find a resolution, or will both clubs get canceled? Find out when you read Svetlana Chmakova’s Awkward!

AwkwardThis is a great story about handling conflict. The main character, Penelope, makes a lot of mistakes, but she also does a lot of good. She has to find the strength to apologize and to step forward when she has ideas – two incredibly hard things to do. It takes a lot of work (and drama), and Penelope faces some setbacks along the way. This story has lots of tween angst, goofy humor, and fun art and science. Give it a try!

Reviewed by Fran (staff)