Have You Heard About… Angel Interrupted

…the Dead Detective?  Angel Interrupted is the really good second book in Chaz McGee’s series*.  Kevin Fahey was a drunk and a so-so detective in life and is now a ghost trying to help his replacement, Maggie Gunn. He can only guide Maggie in solving crimes through his thoughts, which are at times both funny and gritty. Kevin figures that if he can do good by “helping” Maggie he might get out of the limbo he’s in, though he is proving to be a better detective dead then when he was alive.

Angel InterruptedIn this book, it takes a bit longer to solve the crimes of a murdered nurse and an abducted kid. More insight is given into the main characters’ lives, and the twists near the end almost gave me a heart attack. This book will keep you counting the days until the next book comes out.

*The first book in the series is Desolate Angel.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)