Have You Heard About… An Invisible Thread

…an incredible story that brings together two people from such totally different ways of life, that they form a bond that will touch you in ways that will tug at your heart? A friend of mine recommended that I read An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski. This is a non-fiction book that, while it sounded intriguing, I wasn’t really sure that I liked the subject it dealt with. Once I got started reading though, it only took me about six total hours to read, as I just couldn’t put it down.

Invisible ThreadLaura is a sales executive, single and white. Maurice is a very young, streetwise African American boy panhandling  to stay alive.  A chance meeting keeps these two people coming back together, and they form a bond that is hard to understand. Laura’s past deals with an alcoholic father. A lot of the story is about her. Maurice is from the lowest, meanest projects of Manhattan, New York. The glimpse into this life style is at times harrowing and confusing for those who have never experienced it. Laura finds it unbelievable that Maurice doesn’t know how to set a table and has never baked cookies. He doesn’t know how to use a knife to cut his meat. Somewhere in his past though, he has learned to be polite and enthusiastic about life.

Maurice tries to shield Laura from the harsh world of his drug-addicted mom and dysfunctional family. Laura persists in helping him, and through the ups and downs of weekly meetings, these two gradually learn to trust each other. As Laura and Maurice age, they lose contact with each other for a while, but when they finally get back together, you’ll be amazed at the changes in Maurice’s life.  There is nothing sentimental or even earth shattering about this book, but as you read it and even cry through it, you’ll get a glad feeling in your heart.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)