Have You Heard About… 4 Ingredients Christmas

… cooking with only four ingredients? In the new 4 Ingredients Christmas, by Kim McCosker, there are all kinds of “Simply Yummy Christmas Recipes” that require only four basic ingredients. Most are pretty simple, but a few of them require foods that might be a bit hard to find. If you have little kids, you’ll enjoy making Magic Reindeer Dust; this has only three ingredients, and it will help Santa find your house with no problems.

4 IngredientsFor breakfast, how about trying Chocolate Filled Crepes? They were easy to make and tasted delicious.

For a luscious supper, how about Citrus-Glazed Ham (the photo will have you drooling) or maybe the Roast Pork and Crispy Crackling, which has only 3 ingredients, and pair it with the Golden Roast Potatoes? Once you’ve eaten and relaxed for a while, it’s time for dessert. Why not try the very simple Brandy Custard? If you aren’t into booze and have no brandy, then try Creamy Custard, and you’ll find it will be just as tasty.

Special munchies during the holidays are a must. Why not try the extremely simple Cherry Baubles, Cinnamon Stars, Marzipan Marbles and the ever popular Reindeer Bark, which has only two ingredients?

To top off a perfect day, sit back, and have a Christmas Candy Martini.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)