Have You Heard About… 39 Clues

…the fast-paced adventure starring Dan and Amy Cahill, two normal kids whose lives are thrown into a tailspin when their beloved grandmother dies? Their story is told in the popular 39 Clues series.

39 CluesDan and Amy are orphans who have spent most of their lives in the care of indifferent, ever-changing nannies. The only bright spot is Grace, their grandmother who has a zest for life and regales them with stories of her adventure-filled past. When Grace’s will is read, Dan and Amy learn that they are part of the most influential family in history and their relatives include Beethoven, Benjamin Franklin, Shaka Zulu and Princess Anastasia. They embark on a race across the globe with their latest nanny (who is harboring secrets of her own) in search of 39 clues which, when assembled, will make the owner the most powerful person on earth.


Reviewed by Sara (staff)