#GivingTuesday 2020: Empowering Learning

Support the Waukegan Public Library Foundation

This Thanksgiving, like 2020 in general, has been anything but normal; however, certain traditions remain, like reflecting on the many things we’re grateful for and supporting non-profit organizations like the Waukegan Public Library Foundation through Giving Tuesday.

Over the last year, the Waukegan Public Library has continued its work of supporting our community through educational programming with a focus on lifelong learning and discovery.  The library’s community outreach efforts target a range of ages–from preparing preschool children for kindergarten to helping adults acquire the literacy and/or English language skills they need to achieve their goals.  Though Covid-19 pushed most of this programming online, the outreach continues–whether it’s storytime through YouTube videos and Facebook Live or tutoring sessions via Zoom.

Throughout the day, we’ll be sharing information about the library’s efforts to promote literacy and lifelong learning in support of our #GivingTuesday campaign. Our 2020 campaign is called Empowering Learning, and we’re excited to share some of the specific ways the library is doing this, even during the constraints of Covid-19.

Because our tax levy does not fund the full cost of these programs, the Waukegan Public Library relies on grants and annual giving through our Foundation to help us close the gap between our existing funding and the true cost of the services we offer.  From $5 to $5,000, your gift this #GivingTuesday will help to transform the lives of Waukegan residents of all ages.

Make your gift today through our Facebook fundraiser or via PayPal.

Help us reach our goal by sharing our posts, our fundraiser, and, if you are able, by making a gift to the Waukegan Public Library Foundation in support of our campaign.

Thank you!