Fahenheit 451 Letters: Big Read Activity

Fahrenheit 451 Letters: Big Read Activity Submissions!

Thanks to those of you whom I’ve already heard from that have been trying out the Fahrenheit 451 activity with your learners.  As a reminder, we’d like all tutors and adult learners for whom this would be an appropriate learning activity to give this a try before the end of February.  The instructions for the activity are included at the end of this post.  To view the first completed letter from Karen and Greg, click here! 

Other learners’ letters about how to be happy could be fun reading for your learner(s).  I’ll keep adding new letters and sending them out this way as they are submitted.

Activity Explanation Reposted: Big Read Fahrenheit 451 Activity

big_read_booksThe Waukegan Public Library is participating in the Big Read this year, a National Endowment for the Arts Program.  The Big Read gets a whole community together to engage with one good book.

Fahrenheit 451is our Big Read book.  To engage your learners, we would like you to read a short excerpt from the book with pre- and post-discussion activities.  The reading is at a 2nd or 3rd grade level.  We would like to have all ABE tutoring groups complete the activity.  If your ESL learners can handle the vocabulary, please join us as well.  Click here to download the activity.

After the reading and discussion, you will write a letter giving advice about how to be happy.  Please send all of your writings to janderson@waukeganpl.info with the subject “Big Read” or Josh Anderson, 128 N County St., Waukegan, IL 60085.  We’ll share all of the letters here through the Literacy Connection so you can read each other’s advice