Children’s Poetry Contest 2021

About the Contest

In honor of National Poetry Month, the Children’s Department is hosting a Poetry Contest! Help us celebrate by submitting your own creative piece! This month’s theme is to write about something that inspires you.

In order to qualify, please submit an original poem before April 26th, 2021, that contains the following criteria:

  • For 3-5th graders minimum 3 lines; maximum 26 lines
  • For 6-8th graders minimum 3 lines; maximum 33 lines
  • Must include a creative title, full name, and be double spaced
  • Must follow a poetic style (Example: Haiku, Sonnet, Free verse)
  • Illustrations are not required but will be accepted

Contest entries are judged based on poetic technique, effectiveness, style, and creativity. The winning submissions will be awarded a $25.00 Amazon gift card. There will be one winner for each age group.

This writing contest is only open to Waukegan residents.