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Read Harder 2018: A Mystery Written by a Person of Color or LGBTQ+ Author

This week’s Read Harder challenge is one of my favorites: read a mystery written by an author of color or LGBTQ+ author. Over the last couple years, I’ve made a point to read more mysteries (and other books) by non-white, non-heterosexual authors, and it has introduced me to some fantastic stories I may not have […]

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Read Harder 2018: Genre Fiction in Translation

This week’s Read Harder challenge is designed to get you looking at books published in other countries, specifically genre fiction that has been translated into English. So what do we mean by “genre fiction?” Typically, when we talk about genre fiction, we’re referring to mysteries, romance, fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels. So for this […]

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Read Harder 2018: SciFi Novel With a Female Protagonist, by a Female Author

This week’s Read Harder challenge has a few different requirements: Read a science fiction novel with a female protagonist, written by a female author. If it sounds like a lot to keep track of, don’t worry: we’ve pulled together a list of great books to get you started, and we have even more suggestions in […]

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