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Read Harder 2018: Read a Social Sciences Book

It’s a Read Harder double feature today! Our first challenge of the day is to read a book about the social sciences. So what exactly do we mean by social sciences? In a dictionary definition sense, social sciences refer to the study of human society and social relationships, which can include anything from economics, politics, […]

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Read Harder 2018: A Children’s Classic Published Before 1980

This week’s Read Harder challenge is a throwback to childhood: readers are asked to select a children’s classic published before 1980.  There are so many wonderful children’s books available, so we tried to narrow the list down a little bit for this post.  We also have an extended list on our website – just find […]

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Read Harder: Colonial or Postcolonial Literature

This week’s Read Harder challenge is a more complicated one. Before diving into a list of colonial or postcolonial titles, let’s look at a brief definition of “colonial” and “postcolonial” literature, as stated in Kathleen Keenan’s Book Riot post for this challenge: “‘Colonial literature’ is most easily defined as literature written during a time of […]

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