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Read Harder 2018: SciFi Novel With a Female Protagonist, by a Female Author

This week’s Read Harder challenge has a few different requirements: Read a science fiction novel with a female protagonist, written by a female author. If it sounds like a lot to keep track of, don’t worry: we’ve pulled together a list of great books to get you started, and we have even more suggestions in […]

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Read Harder 2018: The First Book in a New-To-You YA or Middle Grade Series

This week’s installment of the Read Harder challenge asks readers to choose the first book in a new-to-you YA or middle grade series.  With the success of series such as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, more and more adults are choosing books aimed towards younger readers – and loving them!  There are many wonderful […]

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Read Harder 2018: Read a Social Sciences Book

It’s a Read Harder double feature today! Our first challenge of the day is to read a book about the social sciences. So what exactly do we mean by social sciences? In a dictionary definition sense, social sciences refer to the study of human society and social relationships, which can include anything from economics, politics, […]

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