Ways to Conserve Your Phone’s Battery During a Long Day / Formas de conservar la batería del teléfono durante un día largo

Are you going to be at an all-day concert?  Traveling?  Out and about all day?  Here are some tips for conserving your battery: Bring the charger: This sounds obvious, but sometimes it’s overlooked. Then do your best to find an available outlet wherever you are. Invest in a portable charger: I just received one of […]

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The Library on Your Smartphone: There’s an App for That / La biblioteca en el teléfono inteligente: hay una aplicación para eso

Do you use your smartphone all the time? Do you prefer using your smartphone rather than a computer? The library offers some nifty apps that you should try: Overdrive Media Console allows you to check out library eBooks right to your mobile device – a must for folks who like to have some reading material […]

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