12th Annual Ray Bradbury Storytelling Festival


For the twelfth year of Waukegan Public Library’s annual Ray Bradbury Storytelling Festival, we’re trying something a little different – we’re offering two school field trip shows instead of one matinee! This new format will allow us to introduce more students than ever to the art of storytelling and create programs that are tailored to particular grade ranges. In an effort to make the Festival as accessible as possible, we’ve made one more change: we’ve eliminated ticket fees for all students! We made this change in part because of feedback we received from teachers last year, who told us that the $5 ticket fee, even for those schools for whom the Library was able to fund the busing, prevented their students from being able to attend. The Library continues to offer free busing for Waukegan students, too.

Unfortunately, this means that this year, we are unable to offer our evening community performance. We know that this was a special event for many in our community, and appreciate your understanding as we endeavored to ensure that our event was mission-aligned and accessible for our students.

We are currently exploring options for a community performance for the 13th Annual Storytelling Festival next autumn – stay tuned for more details. If you would like more information, please contact Amanda Civitello, Marketing and Communications Manager, at amandacivitello@waukeganpl.info. Thank you!

Check back soon for photos from the Festival!

This year’s Storytelling Festival is made possible through the generosity of our donors and sponsors: