Save on Soap UPDATE



Back in February, we talked about how to make a half-gallon of liquid soap from just one standard-sized bar of soap. Six months later, I have finally used up all my soap. That’s right! I spent a grand total of $4 on hand soap over a six-month period! I’ve also been using my liquid soap in the shower for the past two months, which has saved me even more money.

Isn’t it satisfying to see the results of a bit of work (in this case, spending 20 minutes making soap) pay off such fabulous dividends? To celebrate, I made this soap dispenser from a zinc-topped Mason jar I picked up at the antique center for $5. You can read the tutorial (it’s really very easy) on Blissfully Content.

Do you have any DIY secrets that save you BIG money? Have you ever tried a DIY project became a money pit?