Money-Saving Websites!

The Internet puts all the answers we need at our fingertips, but there’s so much information to sift through. But today is your lucky day! I’ve sifted through all that information and found the very best websites to help you save money. Don’t you just love this blog?

  • Find online discount codes and manufacturer’s coupons here. Before you print a coupon, ask yourself whether the value of the coupon exceeds the cost of printing it.
  • is full of grocery coupons! As a bonus, you can learn the art of “couponing” from the Coupon Mom
  • I love this website’s gas station finder. It searches for the lowest gas prices along your commute route. It even finds filling stations that are near your drive and factors in the cost to drive out of your way.
  • This site was a big help when I switched cell phone providers. I was able to find a wireless plan that fit my needs and my budget — all without talking to a pushy salesperson!
  • I use this website every time I purchase a plane ticket or book a hotel room. It collects the best prices from travel sites all over the internet and puts them in one window for your perusal.
  • If you only use one website on this list, make it this one. connects with your bank account and helps you analyze where your money is going. I was shocked to learn how much money I spend at restaurants… what will you learn?