(Almost) Free Decorating

I just love getting something for nothing. A couple months ago, I found a neat wooden frame sitting out on the curb. It was designed to hold a mirror above a dresser, but the mirror was long gone. The owners must have decided it was no use anymore. Their loss was my gain! I had been looking for something big enough to put on a large expanse of wall in my living room. Here’s what I used for my project:

  • A wooden frame: free, of course
  • Botanical prints: free(ish). I bought a book of prints for 3 Euro several years ago and have clipped most of my wall art from it
  • One small can of spray paint: $2.99
  • Three clip frames from Hobby Lobby: $14
  • Four pieces of scrapbook paper: 80 cents


This project was very quick and easy. I used two coats of spray paint on the frame and left it to dry overnight:







I cut the scrapbook paper to fit the frame, and centered the Audubon prints. Then it just took a few nails to hang the frames. The large pink frame is hung from a screw because it was a tad too heavy to hang from a nail.







This is the first wall I see when I come home and I love it! How do you decorate “on a dime”? What is the best decorating deal you’ve ever scored?