Using Google Like a Pro: Part Four

You’ve used Google Images a thousand times. Type a phrase, click Images, and Google searches the internet for images that match your description. But what if you have the image and need the description? I saw an art print at a friend’s house that I really liked, but she couldn’t remember the artist’s name. I snapped a picture of it and decided to do some investigating.

I started with a regular image search. To conduct an image search, I described the image in my own words (nautical poem with anchor black and white) and scrolled through the results:

Uh, not exactly what I was looking for. Instead of telling Google about my picture, I decided to show it. For this technique to work, you’ll need to save your image to your computer.

Navigate to and click the camera icon in the right-hand side of the search box to upload your image. Alternatively, drag and drop your saved image into the search box, like this:

Google will search the internet for images that are visually similar to yours and give you its best guess of the image’s origin:

Thanks, Google! Now I can contact the artist to purchase my own print.

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