QR codes, or, what are those squares popping up everywhere?


Many people have been wondering about the odd squares appearing in our catalog and on library posters.  These are called QR codes.  If you have a smart phone/mobile device, simply get a QR reader app and scan the code.  You will then be brought to a mobile webpage designed to give you more information.  

QR codes can also encode phone numbers, addresses, URLs, text messages, etc.

You may also generate your own QR codes - one free generator is qrcode.kaywa.com

The QR code for the library website: http://www.waukeganpl.org

QR code

A link to books by Chris Bohjalian.  The more text you enter when creating your QR code, the denser the code.



You can also scan QR codes in our catalog, click the catalog tab in the left menu, search for anything, scan the QR code in the record and your phone can keep track of call numbers of books so you can search our shelves without using paper.

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