Pinterest: What the Heck Is It and Why Should I Use It?

Pinterest is a social media site that has exploded in popularity this past year. Unlike Facebook, which facilitates social interaction, Pinterest is a place to share ideas. Users find appealing images on websites (or upload their own) and pin them on boards. There’s a category for every interest on Pinterest, from cooking to comic books to tattoos and weddings. Here’s a quick glossary of terms:

  • Pinner: That’s you. People who use Pinterest are called pinners. You can follow other pinners so that you view the items they pin on your homepage.
  • Pin: An image on the Pinterest servers. Images are usually linked to websites.
  • Repin: Pinners can browse a category that appeals to them and repin images that other pinners have found online.
  • Board: You can imagine your board like the big corkboard in your house where you pin articles, recipes, photos from magazines, and snapshots of your dog.

If you’re looking for home décor inspiration, you’re in a cooking rut, or you want some projects that will keep your kids busy on a rainy day, you’ll find that Pinterest is a fun, useful website. To get started on Pinterest, follow the Library here: You’ll find lots of reading recommendations, links to cool websites, and library-themed jokes (of course!).

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