Matching a Custom Color using Paint

For better or worse, I am a perfectionist. It drives me nuts when a project I’m working on is just a little bit “off” – so much so that I will go to great lengths to make all the colors in a project match. How? By creating custom colors in Paint using color samples I pull from other images.

Take the Pinterest logo, for example. I created a bookmark that incorporates the Pinterest logo and the URL of the library’s Pinterest page. I wanted the color of the URL to be the same shade of red as the Pinterest logo. It only took a few simple steps:

First I downloaded the logo from and opened it in MS Paint.

Next, I clicked the eyedropper icon in the Tools section. The eyedropper takes a “sample” of any color you click on. Point the eyedropper to the color you want to match and click. The color will automatically appear in the space designated Color 1. If you’re going to continue working in Paint, you can stop here.

If you want to use this custom color in another program like Word or Publisher, click the Edit Colors tool, found at the far right of the Home ribbon. A window like this one will open:

You can use the number values in the lower right to recreate your custom color in almost any program. Just locate the Color tool (in most Office programs, you can find it by clicking the More Colors option wherever you select color for shapes or font). You can also convert these values to a Hex code for use on a website. I like this free hex code generator:

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