Changing the capitalization of text in a document

hAVE YOU EVER TYPED A DOCUMENT IN THE WRONG CASE? or just missed the capitalization at the beginning of a sentence.  Do you need the text in all uppercase or all lowercase?

All these problems can be easily fixed in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint 2007.  On the home tab, navigate to the font section and on the bottom row click the arrow next to the “Aa”.  This will open up the Change Case menu.

If you prefer shortcuts you can use ALT+O+E to open the menu, or highlight your text and use Shift+F3 until the appropriate effect is applied.

Change capitalization

Sentence case  is uppercase at the beginning, all other words lowercase, period at the end.

lowercase has no capital letters


Capitalize Each Word Makes The First Letter Of Each Word Uppercase

tOGGLE cASE is used when you accidently type something with Caps Lock on.  

Thanks to Sara T for submitting this tip.

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