I saved it on my computer, but where is it? / Lo guardé en mi equipo, pero ¿dónde está?

There’s an easy way to search for any document, file, or program on your Windows computer.  Click the Windows button in the bottom left corner of the screen. 

In the menu that opens, just above the Windows button, you’ll see a search box.  Type the document, file, or program that you’re searching for in the search box.  A list of items will appear above your search.  Click any of them to open.

Here’s an example of a search:

Snipping Tool / Herramiento que corta

Have you ever wished you could take a screenshot but leave out all the ads and other stuff you don’t need?  Use Windows’ Snipping Tool!  Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on the Start menu and search for “Snip”.
  2. Click the Snipping Tool icon.
  3. Click “New” to start snipping.
  4. Click and drag around the area you would like to capture.
  5. If you would like to edit the clip, click “Tools”to use a pen, highlighter, and eraser.
  6. Make sure to save your snip when you’re finished.



Tips to Speed up Your Windows PC / Consejos para acelerar su PC con Windows

Is your computer running slowly or getting stuck?  Try these tips:

1.  Use Troubleshooter:  Open the Start Menu and click on Control Panel.  Under System and Security, click “Check for performance issues”.










Edit Photos in Windows / Editar fotos en Windows

Do all the people in your photos have red eyes?  Need to do some photo editing?  Ifyou have Windows, you can download a free program that will allow you to do that.  Go to or search for Windows Essentials.  This includes Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Mail (to use offline), and OneDrive.  Just click Download Now to begin downloading, which may take a while.

Minimize All Windows at Once / Minimizar todas las ventanas a la vez

Today’s tip is one of my favorite keyboard shortcuts.  Often, I want to see my desktop quickly, without having to minimize each window individually.  To do this, use the Windows key + M.  To restore the minimized windows, use the Windows key + Shift + M.





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