Find a Word on a Webpage / Encontrar una Palabra en una Página de Web

Locating a particular word on a webpage can be very useful when looking for something specific such as a reference or ingredient in a recipe. The following instructions are for Firefox, but the process is the same for most browsers.

To bring up the “find” box, either use the key command Ctrl + F (Cmd + F on Mac), or select “Find” from the “Edit” menu.

Tabbed Browsing

Instead of opening a new window for every webpage, browsers now allow for pages to open in tabs. If a browser window is already open, and you would like to create a new tab without clicking on a link there are two easy ways to accomplish this.

1. Go to File > Open New Tab

Shortcuts for the Web / Métodos abreviados de teclado para la Web

There are tons of keyboard shortcuts that save time.  Here are a few to use while navigating web pages:

Enlarge Text on Webpages / Ampliar texto en páginas web

Can’t read that tiny text?  There are two easy ways to enlarge the text on any web page.

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