I saved it on my computer, but where is it? / Lo guardé en mi equipo, pero ¿dónde está?

There’s an easy way to search for any document, file, or program on your Windows computer.  Click the Windows button in the bottom left corner of the screen. 

In the menu that opens, just above the Windows button, you’ll see a search box.  Type the document, file, or program that you’re searching for in the search box.  A list of items will appear above your search.  Click any of them to open.

Here’s an example of a search:

Find a Word on a Webpage / Encontrar una Palabra en una Página de Web

Locating a particular word on a webpage can be very useful when looking for something specific such as a reference or ingredient in a recipe. The following instructions are for Firefox, but the process is the same for most browsers.

To bring up the “find” box, either use the key command Ctrl + F (Cmd + F on Mac), or select “Find” from the “Edit” menu.

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