Alternative iPhone Photo Options / Opciones alternatives para tomar fotos en un iPhone

Did you know you don’t have to push the button on the screen to take a picture with an iPhone?  Try these other ways:

  • Volume buttons:  This is the one I use and love.  Push either the up or down volume button on the side of the phone to take a picture.  It sounds like a real camera too.
  • Apple headphones: Use any headphones that have a built-in volume control to take

iPhone Tips You’ll Actually Use

When I first bought my iPhone, I asked the salesman about books or classes that would help me learn how to use it. When he told me that I would figure it out if I played with it, he was right — to an extent. While iPhones are designed to be intuitive, there are lots of tricks and shortcuts that will make using your phone easier and more fun.

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