Type an Internet Address More Quickly / Escriba una dirección de Internet con mayor rapidez

Here’s a very quick tip to end the year.  Get to a website more quickly:  Don’t bother typing the “www”, and especially not the http:// at the beginning of the address.  Neither of those is necessary!  For example, to go to the library’s website, just type “”.



Alternate Internet Browsers / Navegadores de Internet alternativos

Continuing with the theme of free programs from the last tip, there are several free alternate Internet browsers available.   Microsoft Internet Explorer comes pre-installed on most computers.  However, these alternate browsers are often faster, have more options, and are more secure than Internet Explorer.

Here are two alternate browser options:

Mozilla Firefox


Identifying Ads on the Internet / La indentificación de los anuncios en el Internet

We know when to change the channel on TV or radio to avoid commercials.  But do we know how to recognize ads when we’re online?  Ads are on nearly every website, and it’s important to be able to identify them.  Some ads are trying to sell you things, while other ads are trying to trap you.  Ads may pop up on the screen and tell you to “Click here”.  They might give you one of these reasons:

Shorten Unwieldy Links

Have you ever tried to share a website link and it looked like this?

Getting the Most from Firefox

Everyone has a favorite browser, and Firefox is mine. Here are some tricks I use to enhance my Firefox experience:

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