Welcome new Tutors!

Welcome to our newly-trained tutors in the Lake County Literacy Program who graduated on Saturday, October 5th. They are another great group of talented and passionate people.  Plus, they take a great picture!

Back Row (from left to right): Chris Lucchetti, Patrcia Steffens, Tom Schmitz, Daniel Henderson, Barbara Buholzer, Donna Doering, Cathy Plate, George Jeffries, Jaimie Schulz, Megan Lowry

Front Row (from left to right): Iffat Shiekh, Blanca Zorn, Kris Mitra (farther forward), Marion Napoli, Laurie Twarowski, Hazel Perez, Ursula Lentz, Josh Anderson (Adult literacy Coordinator, Waukegan Public Library).

Photographer: Laura Sherwood, Literacy Coordinator at CLC.


A few of them are already tutoring! We look forward to the seeing how their assistance will transform our adult learners.

To those new tutors waiting for matches:  We’re getting everyone started as quickly as we can.  Thanks for your patience!

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