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The Library recently reorganized the Reader’s Corner pages to make information easier to find.  Click on New Arrivals to access our lists of titles ordered recently and new items in the collection.  You can also find out about our eAudiobooks and Tools for Writing.

We have also updated our Services page.


Do you use Lexile Measurements to guide to the next great thing to read?  If a book has a Lexile Measurement, we now display that number in our catalog.  Example

We also offer links to other editions/versions (get the audiobook, or the book, or the game, or the DVD) and “You Might Also Like” a section that recommends up to 5 titles that people who liked the item you are looking at also liked.  Example


The website elves have been busy lately!  

  • We are now hosted on a faster server so you can actually reach our site at any time of the day.  
  • Every day we translate a page or two into Spanish - use the link at the bottom of the page to see the content in Spanish.  If no language link is present that page is only available in English at this time.
  • We now offer spellcheck in our catalog.  Spell incorrectly and you will be offered a potential solution.Spellcheck in action


Have you noticed that a lot of items in our catalog now have a status of Withdrawn or Missing?  The library is currently on the very last stage of our full-library inventory.  We have touched every book, CD, and DVD in the entire collection, including the Hinkston Branch and the Bookmobile.  Throughout April and May we will be removing those items from our catalog, making the catalog more accurately reflect what we own and what is on the shelf.  


Website speed - or lack thereof.  Rest assured, we are working on getting the website back to an appropriate speed. 

We started by removing the in-website catalog.  The search box at the top of the screen now passes your search directly back to our regular catalog. 

The home page links have been update in include email options for any subscriptions we offer.


The Library now offers an RSS feed and email subscription for our list of Recently Ordered Titles.

Subscribe to Recently Ordered Titles by email
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Starting March 1, 2012, we will be adding new features to our catalog.

Reading History:  If you choose, you will be able to Opt In and have your Reading History retained.  Your information will remain private and this your history is not tracked unless you choose.

PINs: To add a level of security to your card, you will enter a Personal Identification Number when logging into your account.  Your PIN will initially be based on your phone number.

More information on these new features will be available soon!


All our staff blogs are available on our website, via RSS feed and email subscription.  To subscribe via email scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Subscribe to … via Email”


Have You Heard - staff recommendations http://www.waukeganpl.org/have-you-heard 
Our Community - patrons using the library http://www.waukeganpl.org/our-community 
News - discover what is going on http://www.waukeganpl.org/news
Thrifty - money saving tips http://www.waukeganpl.org/thrifty
Go Green - tips for going green http://www.waukeganpl.org/go-green
Technology Tips - learn shortcuts and tips for using technology http://www.waukeganpl.org/technology-tips
New Items - discover titles the library has ordered http://www.waukeganpl.org/new-items


If you ever tried to use “My Card” and needed a little help, we now offer 4 screencasts on YouTube.

http://youtu.be/UxDh7d3u2qU Placing a Hold

http://youtu.be/gEuN3AnaDDs Viewing your Hold Queue

http://youtu.be/YOK1sxxEOcs Limit Search to Available Items

http://youtu.be/kAn7BSZJIIY Updating Personal Information Online (phone number and email addresses)

Email subscription and RSS feed options for lists of new items.

The library now offers three ways to view lists of new items:

  1. Subscribe to receive a weekly email of items the library has recently ordered
  2. Use the New Items list
  3. Go to http://www.waukeganpl.org/new-items: This last system is in development.  Thoughts? Use the Website Comment link at the bottom of this screen to share them.


Try out our Accessible site, which also doubles as our mobile site.


New to our site

Coming Soon

  • An Apps page for mobile devices
  • An email subscription option for all of our staff blogs
  • A new, kid-friendly catalog.  The catalog is available for use now at http://catalog.waukeganpl.org:90/ but it’s appearance will be changing daily. 


New to our site

  • Reader’s Corner:  a selection of tools for everyone who loves reading.  Check our latest page in that section: NoveList. NoveList includes tools to help you find:

    • Read-Alikes: books written by authors whose writing styles are similar to your favorite author

    • Book Discussions Guides: to help you understand a book and enhance your discussion

    • Awards and Notable Books

    • Books by series or by plot

  • Reference Tools:  resources to help with reference questions, genealogy and local history research.

  • From the Staff: Learn what’s happening in the library, read book recommendations from your favorite staff members and browse lists of new items added to the library’s collection.

  • An exciting Kids section with Children’s book lists and DVD lists of suggestions for kids and their parents.  The Homework Help section includes useful, safe resources to assist with assignments.

  • Social tools: at the bottom of each page you will see links to share our pages on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also click the plus for more options.


Welcome to Our New Website

The Waukegan Public Library would like to welcome you to our new website.   It’s a new look and a new type of website for us.  We chose Drupal, an open source content management system that will allow us to easily and cost-effectively keep this site up to date and focused on what our community wants.  Thank you for your patience as we move on to this new platform. The site will be adding sections on a weekly basis. If you need information that is not yet available please call us at 847-623-2041.

Some of the new elements we hope you’ll enjoy:

  • Our front page is updated daily - the content management system allows us to tell the website when to add new items and remove expired items.  Once an event has occurred, it will no longer be featured on the front page. 
  • Blogs – To start with we are offering:

Have You Heard About…” weekly reviews of recommended books, DVDs and CDs

Thrifty” - Every week, we’ll be talking about how to save money on everyday purchases, how to manage your finances more effectively and how to get the biggest bang for your buck

  • Submit ratings and reviews on programs you’ve attended or books you’ve read
  • A new style of catalog - use the search in the upper right corner to preview our “work-in-progress” catalog!  The current catalog is available thru the Catalog link in the left menu or the search box at the top of the window.
  • To report a problem or make a comment use our Website comment form

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