Help Us Create Lovers of Literature: Please Consider Donating to our Cause




On October 26, 2012, for the seventh year in a row, the Waukegan Public Library will host the Ray Bradbury Storytelling Festival.  Professional storytellers will take to the stage as Bradbury characters from well-known stories.  Bradbury called Waukegan home for many years, so the community connection to this particular event is strong.

The festival features both matinee and evening performances, with the matinee performance geared towards school children in the community.  It is our hope that through hearing these tales, the children in attendance will develop an appreciation for both classic literature and the art of storytelling—two of Bradbury’s most ardent passions. 

Our challenge is getting the children to the theater.  Field trips are cost-prohibitive to many schools districts, but for the children in the Waukegan community, it is even more so.  Waukegan, in general, is a low-income, high-poverty community, so funds available for field trips are scarce and in many cases, non-existent.

Our goal is to raise money to provide bus transportation for all teachers and their classes who want to attend the matinee performance.  We don’t want the lack of transportation to prevent these children from being able to attend this much-anticipated event.

Your donation, in any amount, can give childen the opportunity to see classic literature through a whole new lens, one of their very own creating.  On behalf of the Waukegan Public Library and the school children of Waukegan: THANK YOU!