Have You Heard About... Well-Offed in Vermont

… a pret’ near perfect murder? Well-Offed in Vermont is the first book in a new series by Amy Patricia Meade. Nick and Stella are “flatlanders” (out-of-staters) who try to move into a vintage farmhouse in a sleepy little town in Vermont. They never get moved in until the very end of the book though. Someone has been murdered on their new property, and they are forced to move into a hunting cabin, complete with no electricity and an outhouse (don’t ask how a flashlight ended up in the latrine).

The dialogue and antics of these two are pure slapstick as they try to get to know their neighbors while pretending to be the super sleuths. After all, they have nothing better to do until they can move into their new house, right? Was it the sheriff, or the owner of the Sweet Shop, the real estate agent or someone else who killed a not-so-well-liked businessman and dumped him on their property? These two city-slickers are sure to capture your heart and your funny bone in this delightful book.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)