Have You Heard About... An Uplifting Murder

… the mystery shopper who is also a sleuth?  An Uplifting Murder is the sixth book in the series* by Elaine Viets.

Josie Marcus is a mystery shopper in Missouri. In this latest book, she is mystery shopping in a high priced lingerie shop, looking into several customer complaints about the staff members. What she finds instead is her former gym teacher working as the store’s manager, an old hateful classmate shopping in the store, and murder. This is a very fun read into the world of mystery shopping. Josie’s boss Harry is a hoot.

*If you enjoy this stand alone book, you might be interested in looking for the others in this fun series: Dying in Style, High Heels are Murder, Accessory to Murder, Murder with All the Trimmings, and The Fashion Hound Murders.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)