Have You Heard About... Trickster: Native American Tales

… coyote, raven, rabbit, and the other Native American tricksters? Trickster: Native American Tales collects a wide variety of stories in graphic novel format. Edited by Matt Dembicki, this book brings together over twenty stories from a variety of Native American traditions.

These tricksters come in a variety of forms, both animal and human. They may be benevolent, just out for laughs, or actively cruel. Sometimes, their actions help others; other times, they only help themselves; and sometimes, their tricks backfire against them. The stories come from the plains, mountains, swamps, and ice fields. They feature a wide variety of storytelling styles and artwork, from very sparse to highly detailed. Not all of these tales will appeal to all readers, but there is something here for everyone, and the overall collection is excellent.


Reviewed by Fran (staff)