Have You Heard About... A Timely Vision

… someone with a talent for finding lost items? In A Timely Vision* by Joyce and Jim Lavene, you meet Dae O’Donnell, the mayor of Duck, North Carolina. Dae has the ability to find lost items simply by touching the person who has lost the item, but she’s not always happy to have this unique talent. When Miss Mildred loses her watch and asks Dae to find it, she finds a dead body instead. The body turns out to be 90-year-old Miss Elizabeth, Miss Mildred’s sister.

Kevin Brickman has just moved into town to reopen the once-renowned Blue Whale Inn. With Kevin’s help, Dae tracks down who killed Miss Elizabeth and why. A romance slowly develops between Dae and Kevin over the books in this quaint series filled with quirky characters and interesting historical facts.

Duck, North Carolina is a real place you can find on a map. I’ve been there several times and had a marvelous time. I highly recommend stopping for a visit if you are ever in the area. It’s not far from the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

* Later books in the series include A Touch of Gold, A Spirited Gift and A Haunting Dream.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)